Bleep that Bleep

Episode 184 · November 19th, 2018 · 1 hr 49 mins

About this Episode

Here's your Thanksgiving Holiday episode, perfect for travel and your other holiday needs. If you listen only for law-related content, you'll probably want to skip to 01:17:16, where we somewhat casually discuss the controversy over whether the supposed Acting Attorney General was properly appointed. But we discuss many mailbag-related topics: the California fires and climate change (00:25), politeness and over-decorousness (8:53), how we imagine the mailbag and the miracles of pre-computer-age physical organization (11:06), how to find a good coffeeshop and the origins of "heyday" (22:15), our supposed bad taste in movies and our regard for certain consumer electronics (38:47), caselaw access and textbooks (55:44), seekers (59:44), markdown and word processing and the inevitable demise of Oral Argument (01:03:19), a discussion of the pretending Acting Attorney General and meltdowns and trainwrecks (01:17:16), podcast recommendations (01:33:30).