The Gak

Episode 143 · August 1st, 2017 · 1 hr 36 mins

About this Episode

More than the usual nonsense and sniffles as we try to empty the mailbag. Note: Because of a massive gap between time available and time required to edit out the gak, this episode contains many more than the average number of sniffles and echoes. We tried to fire the editor responsible but learned he was one of us, unpaid, and would either be able to release this episode as is or not at all. Religion and American policy (6:19), a chrono-completist suggests a show topic (10:51), on sex discrimination (14:08), incentives for creation (22:16), boilerplate and terms of service (27:04), antitrust and big data (28:50), boilerplate and the FyreFestival (36:59), boilerplate and arbitration and class actions and airline passengers (38:43), ye ole 1x vs. 2x debate and binge-watching/listening (45:35), Asher Steinberg on the major question exception to Chevron (51:21), self-promotion (52:30), “research” not equal to “to search again”(54:03), Grimmelman’s Property Course and IP and the bar exam (57:14), ethicists and the morality of expedited review (1:03:34), return to the place of the constitutional law course (1:06:22), the limited role of books on the web (1:11:47), cosplay (1:13:40), Joel’s article (1:14:22), the politicization of the U.S. Supreme Court and its appointments compared to other countries and more on the Crossover episode (1:15:01), argument in the monkey selfie case (1:23:15), Wonder Woman and Star Trek vs. Star Wars (1:25:06).

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